Xavi gives a big warning to Barca before the Real Madrid war

18 Th3 2022 | 11:08

Coach Xavi praised Barca players after winning Galatasaray, getting tickets to the Europa League quarter-finals, but gave a big warning before the great war with Real Madrid.

After a goalless draw at the Nou Camp, Barca had a decisive 2-1 victory over Galatasaray to be in the quarterfinals of Europe’s ‘second tier’ tournament – Europa League.

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 Aubameyang and Pedri bring Barca into the quarter-finals of the Europa League

Pedri put Barca back on track with a 1-1 equalizer in the 37th minute after letting the host open the scoring 9 minutes earlier.

And Aubameyang, the former Arsenal captain, continued to score goals, with a goal in the first minutes of the second half, which also soon fixed the final result 2-1 for Barca.

In addition to the joy of winning the right to continue, the victory also helped Xavi’s teachers and students prepare for the Super Classic with Real Madrid at the weekend, at 3am on March 21.

However, with years of experience fighting in El Clasico, Xavi soon issued a warning to the whole team, that their recent impressive form was worth nothing when entering the Real Madrid battle:

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 Barca has been in good form recently, but Xavi warns the whole team that it all means nothing when playing Real Madrid

“The win today was very important. It’s a European competition and we want to go far.

You could say Barca are in a good position to play Real Madrid. But that doesn’t mean anything. I have seen this many times before. It will be very difficult.

I’ve seen Real Madrid beat Barca before when we played well and we beat them when we played badly. We are optimistic at the moment but El Clasico is a different story.”

However, Xavi has faith for his team through what they showed against Galatasaray: “We played a good game. We attack well, keep the composure we need to come upstream on a difficult pitch.”

And praise for Pedri after a great solo effort, bringing the equalizer for Barca: “A beautiful goal. He has that quality and more. Pedri is only 19 years old. It was a superb goal. He made the difference.”