World Cup-winning coach leads Vietnam futsal team

18 Th6 2022 | 16:55

Diego Giustozzi, who helped Argentina win the 2016 World Cup, has signed a two-year contract with Vietnam.

Spanish media confirmed the news on June 16, after Giustozzi announced his farewell to El Pozzo Murcia. “Giustozzi offered to leave the club before Christmas last year. He announced that he would not renew his contract and would move to Vietnam.” ESPN information.

Giustozzi was leading ElPozo Murcia club in Spain. Photo: LNFS.

Giustozzi was leading ElPozo Murcia club in Spain. picture: LNFS.

Giustozzi, born in 1978, is a former Argentine futsal player. He started his coaching career in 2013. In 2016, Giustozzi led Argentina to the first Futsal World Cup in history after beating Russia 5-4 in the final. In 2018, he moved to lead ElPozo Murcia.

Despite playing in six finals, Giustozzi was unable to help ElPozo Murcia win any titles during his four years there. It was also the main reason why he said goodbye to the club in a much-loved situation.

“The last four years have been very stressful. My hair was grey and thin when I left here. My biggest sadness was losing to Barcelona in the Champions League final in Palau. I may be wrong but always stay true to his philosophy,” Zhu said. Stozzi shared.

Justozzi is no stranger to Vietnam. In September 2016, during the preparations for the 2016 World Cup, coach Bruno Garcia led the Vietnamese team to Rosario for two friendly matches against Argentina. Vietnam lost 1-3, 2-5 to a team led by Giustozzi, despite scoring both games before. That year, Vietnam reached the round of 16 in the first World Cup.

Vietnam has appointed Miguel Rodrigo, who brought Thailand to the World Cup after parting ways with coach Garcia. However, this combination was not successful, resulting in Vietnamese futsal having to trust the in-house coach Pham Minh Giang. Under his leadership, Vietnam will reach the eighth round of the World Cup for the second time in a row in 2021. But consecutive losses to rival Thailand in regional competitions such as the AFC Cup or the 31st Southeast Asian Games have required Vietnam’s futsal team to change coaches. Giustozzi is on track to make that happen.