“We never contacted Zidane”

03 Th3 2022 | 14:07

 PSG sporting director shared candidly around rumors about Mauricio Pochettino’s head coach position.

Zidane shines in the World Cup

Sharing with the press, PSG sporting director Leonardo confirmed that the team had never contacted Zinedine Zidane to replace Mauricio Pochettino. According to Leonardo, the French team has no plans to replace Pochettino with any other coach.

Reports from Spain say that Real Madrid intends to send an invitation to Pochettino to replace Carlo Ancelotti. Meanwhile, the foggy press said that Pochettino along with Erik ten Hag became the two leading candidates to replace Ralf Rangnick after this year’s season ended.

Speaking to L’Equipe, Leonardo said: “Today he has one year left on his contract with us (June 2023). To be honest, we never thought about changing the coach. It’s true.”.

PSG have NEVER contacted Zinedine Zidane about replacing Mauricio Pochettino, insists sporting director Leonardo - Bóng Đá

PSG have no contact with Zidane.

We have never been in contact with Zidane or anyone else . Before coming here, Pochettino was among the top five coaches in the world. Right now. You can see the team has made a lot of progress anywhere. a lot has happened ,” Leonardo shared.

Is Pochettino happy in Paris? Yes. I think so. He has had many doubts about the job but has never expressed his desire to leave ,” commented Leonardo.

He went through difficult times. In February or March. Pochettino contracted Covid. No one contacted us. I have no problem with Pochettino. We are very clear with each other.” Leonardo shared.