Viettel – Controversial assistant referee at Ha Tinh match

04 Th7 2022 | 15:57

HanoiOn the evening of July 4, in the fifth round of the 2022 V-League, Vietnam lost 0-1 to Ha Tinh. Assistant referee Nguyen Quoc Qun did not find that Giovane was offside, causing controversy.

On July 4, in Hengtian Stadium, Vettel lost 0-1 to Ha Jing, the second assistant Wu Guoquan made a mistake.Photo: Zhonglong

On July 4, at Hengtian Stadium, Vettel lost 0-1 to Ha Jing, assistant referee Wu Guoquan made a mistake. picture: Zhonglong

In the 75th minute, when the score was 0-0, Vettel organized the attack. Nham Manh Dung shot past goalkeeper Duong Quang Tuan and flew towards Gieovane, who was standing at the far post. The home team’s foreign aid kicked in close to the wall to take the ball out of the baseline, and was then cleared by Janclesio. Giovane asked to concede Viettel’s goal but referee Nguyen Manh Hai turned and refused, not seeing assistant Ngo Quoc Toan waving a flag. The game then continued with the defeat of the Viettel players.

In this case, assistant Ngo Quoc Toan appeared to have made a mistake as he did not wave the flag to catch Gieovane – when he finished, he was only above Ha Tinh’s last player, Janclesio.

Janclesio is also Ha Jung’s hero in this battle. In addition to the aforementioned controversial break, he also scored the only goal in the 90th minute, helping Ha Jung to win his first V-League victory in 2022. The visiting team headed the goal and the ball went over Nguyen Xuan Kien’s legs.

Midfielder Jan Clasio celebrates a goal in the 90th minute at the Hengtian Stadium.Photo: Zhonglong

Midfielder Jan Clasio celebrates a goal in the 90th minute at the Hengtian Stadium. picture: Zhonglong

In the game with Ha Jing, coach Zhang Yuehuang returned from a truce and let assistant coach Pei Zhiyuan lead the team to compete in the 2022 AFC Cup. The home team has the advantage, with a ball possession rate of 54% and 14 shots on goal, unable to score.

Hoang Duc played well, but not as charming. In the 16th minute, defender Ha Jing hit the ball to his feet and he kicked the ball wide. Eight minutes later, Huang De put the ball into Guang Tuan’s goal, but it was offside. The slow rotation revealed that the midfielder’s knee was a few centimeters lower than Ha Jing’s defense. Between the two situations for Hoang Duc was Hoang Minh’s left-footed shot that bounced over the bar.

To strengthen the offense, head coach Zhang Yuehuang sent Tianan, Zhongdan and new forwards to shine in the 31st SEA Games and the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, with Meng Yong playing in the second half. They put more pressure on Ha Tinh’s defense, but the goal still didn’t come.

Among them, Manh Dung missed the opportunity in the 69th minute. He skillfully lifted his foot to make a clearance for Tianan, and then went off the court to receive a pass from his teammate. After taking the first step, he escaped the defender’s grasp, but shot out.

Viettel - Controversial assistant referee at Ha Tinh match

Losing to Ha Tinh, Vettel was fourth with 7 points, 4 points behind Haiphong. They will rest for the next round before visiting Haiphong on July 15th.

Lin Shou