Vietnam wins in U19 Southeast Asia second team

06 Th7 2022 | 16:37

IndonesiaOn the afternoon of July 6th, in Group A of the Southeast Asian U19 competition, the Vietnamese team defeated Brunei 4-0 without using the strongest lineup or losing manpower in the last 10 minutes.

On the afternoon of July 6, Vietnam U19 players celebrated their 4-0 victory over Brunei. Photo: VFF

On the afternoon of July 6, Vietnam U19 players celebrated their 4-0 victory over Brunei. picture: VFF

* Scores: Africa 11, Gian Tan 32′ & 58, Duc Viet 61′.
* Red card: Donghan 79′

Brunei lost their first two games to Myanmar and Indonesia 0-7. Therefore, Vietnam also needs to use this confrontation to win a bold victory in case the gap is calculated when the two teams have the same points. But due to the intensive schedule and two days per game, head coach Ding Nan decided to send a lineup of reserve players in the first two games so that the pillars can rest for the next two difficult games. Myanmar and Thailand.

However, Vietnam still took the initiative and besieged the openings. After many missed opportunities, the team opened the scoring in the 11th minute, Fan Shao took a corner kick, and Ha Africa hit the ball near the goal when the Brunei goalkeeper chose the wrong position.

The early goals seemed to make the Vietnamese players subjective. They were often unable to pass the ball on the home side, giving Brunei the opportunity to threaten goalkeeper Dong Lin’s goal. It was fine for Vietnam, the opponent’s striker was too immature and eager to finish, so inaccurate.

After the reminder and adjustment from head coach Ding Wennan, the Vietnamese team quickly regained their position. In the 32nd minute, starting from the situation of attacking the right wing, Fan Shao brought the ball into the penalty area and then pulled it horizontally. The ball turned to the Brunei defender and changed direction, helping Tan Jianjun headed the goal, raising the score to 2-0.

After half-time, Vietnam remained in the lead, but did not accelerate due to the lack of mutants like Van Truong, Van Khang or Quoc Viet. Until the 58th minute, after Fan Shao dribbled the ball from the left, Ji An Tan almost ended after controlling the penalty area, and the point difference widened. Just 3 minutes later, in the clearance phase of the opponent, the German-Vietnamese midfielder controlled the edge of the penalty area, stretched his waist and hit the ball into the high corner of Brunei’s goal. The goal helped unleash the HAGL midfielder, who had previously often passed the ball to the opposition’s feet.

The Vietnamese U19 players coordinated to find a way to get rid of Brunei's intensive defense. Photo: VFF

The Vietnamese U19 players coordinated to find a way to get rid of Brunei’s intensive defense. picture: VFF

Head coach Dinh The Nam dismissed Duc Viet, Gian Tan and Van Quang after a safe score. Vietnam thus reduces the pressure and sometimes even makes the enemy threaten. In the 73rd minute, striker Hakeme Yazid escaped through a red shirt block and then shot the ball into the vertical post from about 30 meters. In the 79th minute, Yazid fled to the edge of the penalty area, forcing goalkeeper Dong Lin to rush out and blocked the ball with his hands outside the penalty area, and was sent off by the referee with a direct red card.

Midfielder Ming Zhong had no choice but to leave the field, leaving substitute goalkeeper Cao Wenping to guard the goal. There is a lack of players in the game, but the Vietnamese team is not too weak. They are still attacking and creating more opportunities.

Vietnam won 4-0, taking seven points and occupying the top of Group A before Indonesia and Thailand meet in the remainder of today’s game.

At 3 pm on July 8, Vietnam met with Myanmar.

Vietnam wins in U19 Southeast Asia second team

Vietnam 4-0 Brunei match progress.