The star of Laos is about to join the Malaysian team

22 Th1 2022 | 16:18

Billy Ketkeophomphone agreed to come to Sri Pahang Club, will soon reunite and launch this team before the 2022 season.

According to Harian Metro, Billy Ketkeophomphone has been in Malaysia since the beginning of the week and is about to finish the medical isolation process to join the Sri Pahang Club. Billy is said to agree to Pahang, he will play for this team from the 2022 season as a Southeast Asian foreigner.

Billy Ketkeophomphone  was born in 1990, is a Laotian of French descent, has played in Ligue 1 and participated in the UEFA Champions League group stage. He was  the brightest star of the Laos team at the AFF Cup finals 2020, but could not score any goals for the team.

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Billy Ketkeophomphone (No. 21) competed unsuccessfully in the AFF Cup 2020.

Billy became a free agent not long after finishing his journey at the AFF Cup 2020. When he returned to France, he received a farewell notice from the Dunkerque club (Ligue 2). According to Malaysian media, Billy’s former teammate at Angers Club, Dickson Nwakaeme, a former  Sri Pahang player , connected him with this team.

Sri Pahang Club has a tradition in Malaysia when it has won the domestic championship 5 times and regularly participates in the AFC Cup. However, over the years, Pahang has not had a good record. At the end of the 2021 season, this team ranked 10th on the rankings.

Before the Malaysia Super League 2022 (M.League), the Pahang team had a big change at the top, with the recruitment of former Malaysia team coach Dollah Salleh to be the team leader, and the appointment of former head coach of the Paris Saint-Germain women’s team to do the job. Head coach. Billy Ketkeophomephone is one of this team’s new quality signings in the squad.

On the Southeast Asian football forum, many fans expressed surprise when Billy agreed to join Pahang. The account Ian wrote: “With Billy’s level, he should at least join Kedah or Penang. From Dunkerque to Pahang obviously the difference is too big.”

Bounyoo Thammavong fan from Laos sent his best wishes to Billy: “Good news. Wish you success in your new destination” . Account Are-zim Ajim wrote: “With quality signings, Sri Pahang will become a big opponent of Johor Darul Tazim next season”.

M.League 2022 is expected to start from March.