Ten witches do not accept Ronaldo’s early departure

03 Th8 2022 | 19:12

elder brotherCoach Eric Ten Haag believes Cristiano Ronaldo’s early departure from Manchester United’s friendly is unacceptable.

“Of course I can’t ignore it, it’s unacceptable, nobody should do it, it’s a team and the players have to stay until the end of the game.” Ten Hagers tell a dutch newspaper advertise August 3.

Ten witches guide Ronaldo in the draw against Vallecano. Photo: Reuters.

Ten witches guide Ronaldo in the draw against Vallecano. picture: Reuters

Ronaldo Play the first friendly match Manchester United On July 31 this summer, but only in the first half, the “Red Devils” drew 1-1 with Vallecano. It was also Ten Haag’s first game at Old Trafford. Ronaldo’s substitute – Amad Diallo – opened the scoring three minutes after the break.

According to a statement from Manchester United, Ronaldo was one of many players to leave early, which is not a problem for the club. However, the ten witches were not satisfied. Previously, the Dutch coach did not have the opportunity to comment on Ronaldo’s move, because there was no press conference after the Manchester United League, he only answered questions on the internal channel. Manchester United TV.

Ronaldo’s move was like adding fuel to the fire. News that he wants to move to a club with Champions League places before the start of the new season has angered Manchester United fans. Some called Ronaldo’s early departure unprofessional and inferior to Paul Pogba.

Ronaldo still has one year left on his contract with Manchester United, earning $466,000 a week. He only returned to Old Trafford after leaving Juventus last summer. 12 years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United for Real Madrid.

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