Saying Arsenal celebrated like winning the Champions League, Agbonlahor regretted sorry

23 Th3 2022 | 10:33

 Former player Gabriel Agbonlahor admitted he could not contain his emotions after Arsenal’s win.

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“The way Arsenal celebrate at the end of the game, it’s like they’ve won the Champions League,” former striker Gabriel Agbonlahor told BT Sport.

“I know it’s a great result, but that scene and the players… It’s like they won the league, not beat Aston Villa, a team they should beat.”

“I think they’ve overused the celebration.”

Speaking after Aston Villa’s defeat at the hands of Arsenal, Agbonlahor – former Villa striker did not hesitate to sarcastic the way the Gunners celebrated. But recently, after being criticized by Laura Woods – presenter of Sky Sports and talkSPORT, the former England striker had to apologize for his statements.
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 Agbonlahor admitted the error. 

Agbonlahor admits he let his emotions take over at the time. Mirror quotes the former Aston Villa star:

“I was very bitter after the game. Watching the match from the BT Sport studio, I could see all the Arsenal fans in that match. Seeing them celebrate, I think I got a little jealous.”

“So I retract that comment and I apologize to the Arsenal fans . The way they celebrate is absolutely fine and I’m sure they’ll get a place in the top four.”