Ronaldo responds to criticism, but what does that mean for Man Utd?

15 Th3 2022 | 13:17

 Cristiano Ronaldo shines with a hat-trick against Tottenham, bringing two opposite sides to Man Utd.

Video Conte praising Ronaldo

Man United manager Ralf Rangnick tried to joke that if treatment in Portugal causes Ronaldo to score a hat trick on his return, he is welcome weekly. Each of the three goals he scored in Saturday’s 3-2 win over Tottenham Hotspur was special. CR7’s performance that day was different from the usual matches.

Ronaldo was surprised because he worked hard to go deeper instead of “getting caught” in the penalty area. Super long shot will not appear if Ronaldo only moves in the penalty area. The Portuguese star had a perfect match in every aspect, from the contribution of individual goals to the play of the whole team.
Ronaldo responds to criticism, but what does that mean for Man Utd? - Football

 Ronaldo was on fire against Tottenham.

Ronaldo appeared in the headlines after the final whistle. That is the way he responds to criticism, which somewhat restrains the boom of the 37-year-old striker. In many ways, at this stage of his career, he truly is an example of the will to fight.

But it should be noted that Ronaldo’s shining moment could not follow Man Utd’s progress. In fact, going forward, the most important question the Red Devils should ask future coaches is ‘Is Ronaldo in the team’s plans anymore’. If yes, ‘how do they plan to use Ronaldo’?

For any other younger individual to shine, like Rashford, Sancho or Bruno for example, it is not an issue for the next captain at the club. Because they are young, they have a long future to serve the team. Ronaldo is different when he has turned 37 years old despite his current full body.

It seems paradoxical that a team that wants to revive itself relies on an older star. Like it or not, Ronaldo is always a shadow that hinders many things at any club. 
Ronaldo responds to criticism, but what does that mean for Man Utd? - Football

 Relying on Ronaldo forever does not make sense for Man Utd.

Of course, Man Utd is not in a hurry to decide on the fate of the Portuguese striker. At least, they have time until the summer of 2023, when the EURO 2016 champion expires, to clarify this. 

The Red Devils need Ronaldo’s goals to reach their goals, but in order for the future to develop in a sustainable way, they must make clear the role of No. 7 in the near future.