Paul loses when Guang Hai is on the bench

27 Th8 2022 | 21:19

FranceMidfielder Ruan Guanghai played in the 73rd minute. On the evening of August 27, in the fifth round of the Ligue 1, Paul lost 1-2 to the host Queveli.

second game in a row Guanghai reserves, while Pau continues to fail. The visitors opened the scoring in the 50th minute thanks to former Newcastle striker Henry Sevitt. But Queveli scored two goals in the 69th and 76th minutes to seal the victory 2-1. It was their first win in the tournament and Pau was still just a draw and a loss.

Pau (right) made just three runs against hosts Quevilly on August 27. Photo: QRM

Pau (right) made just three runs against hosts Quevilly on August 27. picture: QR code

Pau There was only one shot on goal in the first half, but not on goal. After the intermission, coach Didier Tolot adjusted the personnel, and Sevit came on to replace the left midfielder Diadin Abuzi. Only 4 minutes into the game, Sevit crosses from the left to Evans-Jean-Lambert’s low header to score.

In the 69th minute, Pau’s defense allowed the home team to score a goal. Midfielder Kuasi saved the ball in the penalty area and Queveli made a cross from the right. Striker Issa Soumare took the opportunity to equalise with a close-range shot.

In the 73rd minute, Guanghai Stadium replaced striker Mohamed Yatala to take the penalty. But when he couldn’t catch up, Paul conceded the second goal. Queveli made a return pass from the left to the second line, and Sangare shot from the edge of the penalty area to make the score 2-1. Player Pau accused Quang Hai of not paying close attention to Sangare, causing Pau to concede the goal.

On the offensive end, Guanghai had two notable situations towards the end of the game. In the 89th minute, he escaped and received a high pass from Jean Ruiz, but blocked a mistake at close range. In the next corner, Guanghai dropped a lob for Servete to shoot from close range. But the striker who scored the Premier League goal was taken aback, so he tapped a light shot that was caught by goalkeeper Nicolas Lemaître.

The opportunity also ended any hope of Pau scoring. Quevily took 15 shots, five times as many as the visiting team. Pau had just 2 points in five laps, finishing second to last.

Coach Tolot has five days left to add rookies and help Paul out of the relegation group. Guang Hai played in all five games but was not too impressed by the French club’s lacklustre attack.

In the sixth round, Paul will visit the top team Caen on the evening of August 30th. Instead of going home, they moved directly from Queverly to Caen.