Pau FC expert: “Guanghai can play for the public”

28 Th6 2022 | 15:21

According to Alexandre Castets, founder and operator of the Pau fan site, the integration challenge is not small, but Guanghai can overcome it and is expected to play in 10th place.

“European clubs pay very little attention to Asian players,” Custer told VnExpress“But from the videos I’ve seen, Guang Hai seems to be very talented. His problem is how to integrate into the country, the language and the new football. Of course, there are also physical factors that could be a hindrance for the midfielder.”

Sud Ouest (France's second largest regional newspaper) article on the Guanghai.screenshot

Articles about Guanghai southwest – The second largest regional newspaper in France. picture: Screenshots

Castets is local and has built a website 1959 (The club’s official founding year) Covers Pau FC since 2008.I haven’t seen it yet Guanghai Play directly and get to know the Hanoi midfielder only through online videos. But through these images, Casters believes that Guang Hai has enough expertise to play Pau’s main game.

Castets also said that Pau brought in Quang Hai to replace Victor Lobry – Pau’s 19th midfielder last season. He said: “Lobley is too good for Paul’s level, a lot of big clubs are looking at him, so we can’t keep him anymore. Lobley plays No. 10 and it looks like Guanghai will replace him. This position will support very strong forward Mellon George.”

But Guanghai wants to get the “No. 10” position, that is, there are different opinions, and he has to compete with many players. Castets revealed that Steve Bosnard or Eddie Sylvester could also play as strikers, but coach Tolot has turned both players into midfielders. Rookie Henri Saivet could also play that spot. Pau uses a 4-2-3-1 to maximize Lobry’s abilities, so they probably won’t use that scheme next season.

Pau is considered a “family football team” with only a few close relatives on the board. Casters said the team members all knew each other and formed a closed circle, albeit smaller than other clubs in Ligue 1 or Ligue 2. “Last season we also recruited a player from another culture, like money. Serbian defender Jovan Nisic. He’s very integrated. Quick, so Pau also has experience responding to Quang Hai,” he said. .

Quang Hai is learning French, but still needs a personal interpreter when he first comes to Pau. He is expected to undergo a medical examination on June 29. If all goes well, he will sign a formal contract with the new team and go to the training ground.

Regarding the rumors that Guanghai will receive 200,000 to 300,000 euros (about 490 to 7.4 billion VND) per year in Pau, Castets commented: “This figure is too large for Pau, which is the average salary in Pau. Four to five times. Pau’s annual spending budget is only 6.5 million euros (160 billion VND). If so, Guang Hai’s salary is also higher than the team’s highest-paid player. The money to sell striker Samuel Ascend , so it is possible for Guanghai to get this number.”