Midfielder Yueying: “I used to doubt Coach Gong’s philosophy”

16 Th6 2022 | 16:52

HanoiAccording to captain Pei Huang Yueying, coach Kong Wujun’s four-back style of play seems to reveal a lot of gaps, but it is actually very suitable for him and his teammates to compete in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

On the afternoon of June 16, Viet Ying was interviewed by VnExpress at her home in Huang Mai District, Hanoi.Photo: Yuqing

On the afternoon of June 16, Viet Ying was interviewed by VnExpress at her home in Huang Mai District, Hanoi. picture: Yuqing

– For the first time working with coach Kong Wujun, Yueying sees the difference between him and coach Park Hengrui? (Tran Huy Cuong, 53, Haiphong).

– Coach Gong has a cheerful and relaxed personality, but when it comes to work, he is also strict and even a little impatient. I don’t know what to say about the difference between the two coaches because everyone has a different style. In terms of gameplay, Coach Park uses three central defenders. We are used to this system, and we feel more cautious when playing. So when I was working with Coach Gong, playing in a back four, I was a little skeptical. Because of such stones, there will be more gaps. But after several training sessions, my teammates and I also adapted and gradually understood Coach Gong’s tactical ideas.

Either way, both coaches have one thing in common: high efficiency.

– In the Korean game in the group stage, the Vietnamese team took the lead. What did Coach Gong say to boost morale and help him and his teammates find an equalizer? (Luu Ba Tuan Minh, 23 years old).

——On the sidelines, Coach Gong kept exhorting and encouraging “children, keep playing and don’t give up”. Hearing what he said, we were relieved and redoubled our efforts to continue the fight.

– The preparation time for the Asian U23 is very short, and the 31st SEA Games is only a few days away. How difficult is it for the Vietnamese team to adapt to new tactics and teammates? (Thanh Hung, 31).

– It was also difficult at first because my teammates and I didn’t know how to bond. We were originally a mix of the U23 Southeast Asia Championship and the 31st SEA Games, but after a few training sessions, I gradually got used to it and adapted to Coach Gong’s tactics. Also, at the Hanoi club, I am familiar with the back four system. Coach Gong also delivered a brief message that was easier for me and my teammates to absorb.

– When was the toughest moment for U23 Asia?

– That’s when the team conceded the first goal, giving Thailand a 1-1 tie. I was lost myself at that time and didn’t know how to revive the spirit of the brothers, because many players were young that day, even 19-20 years old. I told them “We played well. The goal was just an accident, guys are fighting!”.

– Viet Anh looks handsome. What are some tips to help you balance football practice with taking care of your appearance? (Nguyen Thu Dung, 21, Ho Chi Minh City).

– Actually, I don’t pay attention to my appearance because I’m busy. My day revolves around eating and exercising. But if I had time to take care of it, I would be more handsome.

Yueying was embarrassed by the attention of many female fans.Photo: Yuqing

Yueying was embarrassed by the attention of many female fans. picture: Yuqing

– This is the first time that Viet Ying wears the Vietnam U23 captain’s armband, and it is also the first captain under Coach Gong. How are you feeling? (full son, 23 years old).

– I just feel more responsible and work harder. As captain, you have to set an example for your teammates to play at your best together. I grew up quiet, maybe because of my nature, but I always tried to exhort my brothers to be confident and united.

What was the first thing that came to your mind after losing to Saudi Arabia in the quarterfinals? (Nuan Dan, 54 years old).

– First of all… sad. Everyone is sad because of the failure. My teammates and I set higher goals in this competition and worked hard to make it to the end. After the game, Coach Gong said to us “relax”, “smile”…but to be honest, we were not in the mood. Regardless, we still have a lot of games to try.

Location still The first goal of the game against Saudi Arabia, was it because the Vietnamese players were too fair with their opponents lying on the field, so they conceded a goal? (Anh Sang, 48 years old, Peaceful)

– Maybe we were a little distracted for a moment, so we had to pay for it. But it can’t be said to be fair play, because the ball is rolling, so it can’t be stopped. Watching the slow motion video again, I wondered “why didn’t I lay down then?”. Because if I lay like this, maybe the referee will punish the Saudi player for swooping at me.

– In the group match against Malaysia, Viet Ying missed a penalty and then scored. How did you feel at the time? (Pham Tuan, 26, Hanoi).

– I’m mentally prepared because I still practice the 11m kick a lot. But it was true that I was under a lot of pressure because I hadn’t taken a penalty in an official game for a long time. Luckily, after a failed kick, the ball flew out of a good position and hit me against the back stone of the table.

– After the success of the Asian U23 tournament, suppose this time you received offers from Thai, Korean, Japanese and European clubs, which option would you choose? (Huang Ping, 29, Thai Nguyen).

– Playing abroad is always good for players. This is what every professional player wants. So do I personally. But if there is such a proposal, I will have to think about it very carefully. That must be the future. Right now, I still have to improve myself and work harder because I don’t think I’m good enough.

– Viet Anh had to leave home to play football since he was a child, and then went through many family-related incidents, injuries… At times like this, did Viet Anh ever get discouraged? (Yang Guangan, 20 years old)

– In fact, there were several times when my parents asked me to give up everything and go home, especially when I concentrated on studying at the Taiping Talent School and then joined the Hanoi youth team. However, it never occurred to me to quit football because it has always been my passion.

When Viet Anh mentioned the difficulties he faced in life, he fell into contemplation.Photo: Yuqing

When Viet Anh mentioned the difficulties he faced in life, he fell into contemplation. picture: Yuqing

– You seem emotional when it comes to family?

Everyone has difficulties in life. For a while, my father worked as a security guard and my mother worked as a worker in Binh Duong. The family had been separated for eight years before being reunited. But until now, I always feel lucky to have my parents and sister by my side.

My family has always been my motivation, giving me more confidence and strength in the game. That’s why I’m trying so hard to save money to buy a house and reunite my family.

– Viet Anh and Thanh Binh have many qualities of a modern defender. How do you see and perfect the style of a famous defender like Sergio Ramos or Van Dijk? (Pan Long, 31 years old, Ho Chi Minh).

– I like that kind of defense, the referee rather than the defender of the game. I’ve always followed this style of play myself. But of course, central defenders have to be strong, so I also work hard to learn, improve, work out to get more games. Not to mention foreign players, today in Vietnam, I want to follow Guo Yuhai’s playing style. is my idol.

– If not a player, what would Viet Anh do? (Tra My, 36, Ho Chi Minh City).

– I do not know what to do. Because outside of football, I can only do anything at an average level. I can also sing, but I can’t sing well, and neither is the piano. There are some videos online of me singing with the piano, but I’m just kidding you guys.

Viet Anh was born on January 1, 1999 in Dongxing, Taiping Province. He grew up in the Hanoi training camp from 2012-2018, with defenders like Doan Van Hau or Dang Van Toi.

Viet Ying’s career started to change in 2018 when he and Hanoi B entered first place and won the play-offs. In the same year, Vietnam and England participated in the Asian Championships for the first time, with players from the U19 team including Nham Manh Dung, Dung Quang Nho, Le Van Xuan or Van Toi. Viet Anh was one of three players who played the full 270 minutes in that match, tied with Thai Ba Sang and Quang Nho.

At the beginning of 2020, Yueying once again wore the Vietnam U23 team jersey to attend the Asian Cup, and also played in all three games. He is the only Vietnamese player to start at the AFC U23 Championships in 2020 and 2022. In his last game in Uzbekistan, he was the most played Vietnamese player with 342 minutes. The Vietnam captain scored a goal to help the home team reach the quarter-finals before being eliminated by Saudi Arabia. Along with defender Yhlas Toydjanov (Turkmenistan), he still has the highest number of possessions in the game so far (18).

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