Male player beats female referee

01 Th8 2022 | 19:06

ArgentinaFemale referee Dalma Magali Cortadi was attacked from behind by Christian Tirone during the Argentine Men’s Amateur Championship to control the Indie-Gamense match.

According to the video recorded on July 31, when Cortadice whistled, the player wearing the Garmense No. 7 jersey broke the ball in a rage. The female referee immediately called the player to the corner and showed a yellow card.

Another Garmense player, Tirone, was unhappy with the decision and ran in from the field, punching him from behind, knocking Cortadi to the ground. Two other referees – a man and a woman – had to intervene immediately. But Tirone still managed to deliver another blow to Cortadi before being ejected.

The female referee Cortadi was attacked from behind by Tirone.screenshot

The female referee Cortadi was attacked from behind by Tirone. picture: Screenshots

Police then had to intervene, dragging Tirone off the pitch and restoring order.

According to Cortadi, it was her attacker who was previously disqualified. “He insulted me and I showed a red card,” the female referee said on the radio urbana“I never thought this would happen, I fell when I was hit and gradually lost consciousness. Although I was able to get up, I still felt dizzy and didn’t know what was going on.”

Cortadi had to rest for a few days and limit “sudden movements” on the advice of his doctor. She said: “When I entered the dressing room, I felt dizzy and vomited. After being treated in hospital, I lodged a complaint because it was outside the normal occurrence in football.”

Men's player Christian Tirone hits female referee from behind

Tirone attacked the female referee Cortadi from behind.

Cortadi, who has four years of refereeing experience, is outraged by the violence in Argentine football, whether the operators are male or female. “There’s always been violence on the pitch. But aside from the controversy, I’ve never seen a female referee get hit. It’s a very sad reality and it happens to male referees,” she said.

The Garmens club later apologized to Cortadi and promised to eliminate the violence in the upcoming games. “We will ensure discipline, sportsmanship and above all respect from our players,” the statement read.

Tirone’s punishment for assaulting the female referee remains unknown.

Hong Du