Leaving Arsenal is absolutely the right decision of Aubameyang

22 Th3 2022 | 10:56

 Barca have no intention of bringing in Pierre Emerick Aubameyang in January, but his recent continuous shooting shows that Xavi has a successful gamble.

Aubameyang gave an interview after the great victory against Real Madrid

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang scored the first and last goal of Barcelona’s 4-0 win over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu sanctuary on Sunday night (local time). That was the striker’s 8th goal after 11 matches in the new shirt. 
Leaving Arsenal was the absolutely right decision of Aubameyang - Football

 Aubameyang explodes in Super Classics.

Unpleasant memories were left behind by Aubameyang at Arsenal. The dazzling performance of the Gabon striker makes the Barca board more cautious in pursuing Erling Haaland. The situation is in stark contrast to what happened at Emirates Stadium three months earlier. 

“We had a discipline problem. We made a plan. He (Aubameyang) will be on the bench,” Mikel Arteta said before last year’s north London derby.

Images of Aubameyang’s £2million Ferrari stuck in a London traffic jam show he was “late” more than once. 

Last December, the Gunners allowed Aubameyang to visit his sick mother in France on the condition that he return the same day to train the next morning. As is known, the Gabon player had to return to London early the next morning and clearly violated the team’s Covid prevention principles. As a result, he was dropped from the next match and Arsenal’s Board of Directors announced that Aubameyang would also be stripped of the captain’s armband. 

Meanwhile, Barca have no intention of signing the player born in 1989, but their target is Alvaro Morata. Aubameyang himself does not believe that he will be able to leave Arsenal anytime soon. With just a few hours left before the winter transfer window closes, Arsenal and Aubameyang have agreed to terminate his contract and he has become a Barca man in an unbelievable way.
Leaving Arsenal was the absolutely right decision of Aubameyang - Football

 Arteta directly kicked Aubameyang out of the squad for violating discipline.

According to reports, Aubameyang has accepted a 2/3 salary reduction of 300 thousand pounds/week to come to Barca. In the varied world of football, it is recognized that Aubameyang’s Ferrari may not always arrive at the training ground exactly ten minutes before training begins, but his heart is always in the right place.

Coach Thomas Tuchel previously admitted that he enjoyed coaching Aubameyang at Dortmund, although it was necessary to require the striker to be on the training ground at 10:45 if training started at 11am, to avoid his chronic tardiness. student.

On the other hand, meeting his old teammate Ousmane Dembele at Barca also helped Aubameyang’s performance go up clearly. The two played as if they had never left each other. Statistics from Marca show that Aubameyang is the best partner for Dembele during his peak playing career. And most likely, thanks to Aubameyang, Barca will keep the player who insisted on leaving the Nou Camp at the beginning of the season.