Korean newspaper praises coach Gong Wujun

06 Th6 2022 | 16:17

Soccer writer Kim Jung-yong said that friendship is the prerequisite for coach Kong Wujun’s success in Vietnam U23.

Coach Gong shook hands with Dung Quang Nho before throwing him on the field for a 1-1 draw with South Korea. Photo: Linto.

Coach Gong shook hands to encourage midfielder Dung Quang Nho before taking the field ahead of the 1-1 draw with South Korea at the 2022 Asian U23 Championship. photo: Lin Ru.

“Gong has accompanied and trained many Korean players of different age groups and team levels,” Kim wrote after witnessing South Korea lost 1-1 to Vietnam In the second round of Group C of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship. “The great leadership and friendliness helped Gong gain the absolute trust of the players. In this confrontation, the leadership helped Gong ‘score’ in front of his colleague Huang Shanhong”.

Coach Gong He has worked as an assistant coach in South Korea’s U17, U18, U20, and U23 teams for many years. He is regarded as one of Kimchi’s best young coaches and eventually won the silver medal at the 2019 U20 World Cup. Over the years, coach Shin Tae-young, who led South Korea to the 2018 World Cup, helped him develop an open-ended attacking football style.

after getting older Park Hengrui Introduced to the Vietnam Football Association to lead the Vietnam U23 after the 31st Southeast Asian Games, the 47-year-old leader made rapid progress. Under his leadership, the Vietnamese team drew against Thailand and South Korea in the first two rounds of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship. Mr. Gong’s students are always full of confidence, determination and modern pressing. The South Korean coach has also shown himself to be a friendly person, often smiling on the touchline.During rehearsals, he also gave the students turn on floor music Stimulate at start-up.

“When defending, Vietnam collected a formation close to 4-4-2. This made it difficult for South Korea to find space and there was almost only one situation that brought the ball into a favorable position. Dominance in the first half. Vietnam’s counterattacks were not many, But they were all dangerous. This resulted in a red card for Li Jinyong and a 1-1 equaliser shortly after. soccer player further analysis. “Gong has been a coach for a long time, but this is his first game, and he showed his tactical ability in this game. The only problem is that the score is not up to expectations, not yet in Gong’s team. When you’re ready. Match”.

sheet Naver Gong’s ability to build rapport with players was also highlighted. After the Lokomotiv game, he went around shaking hands and chatting with South Korean players, most of whom were former students. Gong also held the hand of Zhao Yingxu, who scored the first goal for the South Korean team, and said something to the players.

“At the end of the game, the feelings of the two teams were opposites. For South Korea, a draw was like a defeat, and Vietnam was like a victory. But the feelings between Gong and his former students, albeit far apart. Very long. For a period of time, it will not be affected. This shows Gong’s sincere personality to a certain extent,” the newspaper analyzed.

Duy Doan (follow Naver, soccer player)