Klopp: “It was fate that Liverpool met Real Madrid in the final”

07 Th5 2022 | 13:48

brotherLike striker Mohamed Salah, manager Jurgen Klopp is looking to avenge Real Madrid in this season’s Champions League final reunion.

“After losing the 2018 final to Real Madrid, my ideal solution would be to play Real Madrid again. It seems to be Liverpool’s fate to see them again. The final will definitely be great. Of course, we are. I’m not happy to lose” Four Finals years ago, but it’s been a long time. I’m happy to play Real Madrid again, but Liverpool still have a lot of games to play before the Champions League final. ” Klopp Said before the 36th round of the Premier League game against Tottenham.

Klopp is about to lead Liverpool to the Champions League final for the third time.Photo: AFP

Klopp is about to lead Liverpool to the Champions League final for the third time. picture: AFP

After beating Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, real On May 4, the second leg of the semi-final against Manchester City created another miracle. Rodrigo’s two last-minute goals and Karim Benzema’s extra-time penalty helped Real Madrid win 6-5 on aggregate to advance to the final against Liverpool in Paris on May 28 .

Considering the loss in the final minutes was a somewhat strange and unfortunate result for City, Klopp also praised Real’s steadiness. The German coach stressed: “Real Madrid beat Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City to reach the final. Beat these three big teams and that team deserves to be in the final.”

Liverpool meet Real Madrid for the third time in the European Cup. In the 1981 Champions League final at the Parc des Princes in Paris, Liverpool beat Real Madrid with Alan Kennedy’s only goal.

The two teams rematch in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2018. This time, Real Madrid won 3-1 with Gareth Bale’s brace and Benzema’s chance.The game also marked a nightmare Mohamed Salah He dislocated his shoulder due to a trick from midfielder Sergio Ramos and was off the pitch after just 30 minutes. So the Egyptian star has sent a defiant message and hopes to resolve the feud with Real Madrid by the end of May.

Before considering the continental arena, Liverpool He is also in contention for the Premier League title with Manchester City and will face Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley on May 14. Many people believe that Manchester City will have a psychological decline after losing to Real Madrid and will be out of breath in the Premier League. Klopp rejected that view. “It was a painful defeat, very brutal. I’ve had a similar experience myself. But I’m sure City will come back and be ready to face Newcastle on Sunday.”

next game Tottenham Hotspur Today at Anfield is Liverpool’s toughest challenge in the Premier League sprint. They then met Aston Villa, Southampton and Wolves respectively. Klopp admitted: “It’s been a tough test for Liverpool. Tottenham have a lot of quality, the strikers are the best in the world on the counter attack. Harry Kane is the ideal type of player to defend the game. labor”.

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