Klopp: “I’d rather shut up”

15 Th5 2022 | 14:35

brotherCoach Jurgen Klopp admitted his mistake when he advised Sadio Mane to change his 11m kick in the FA Cup final.

“Sadio was half responsible for the wrong ball. I told him the Chelsea goalkeeper knew exactly what he was doing, so let’s do it another way. How many times in my life have I better shut up? More,” Crowe Pu revealed the final on the evening of May 14 after the FA Cup.

Klopp celebrates with Mane after the FA Cup final. Photo: Reuters.

Klopp celebrates with Mane after the FA Cup final. picture: Reuters.

Liverpool and Chelsea were forced to decide the outcome after a 0-0 draw after 120 minutes. mane Missed a free kick in the fifth penalty shootout. If successful, that kick would soon give Liverpool a 5-4 victory. However, goalkeeper Mendy guessed the right direction when he flew the ball away from the left.

Even so, Liverpool Finally won.Midfielder Mason Mount misses 7th free throw ChelseaLeft-back Konstantinos Tsimikas completed the task and locked the penalty score 6-5 for Liverpool.

It was Liverpool’s third win on penalties since the start of the 2021-2022 season.The first two occurred in League Cup, when they beat Leicester 5-4 in the quarter-finals and Chelsea 11-10 in the final. Coach Klopp revealed: “We are working with a neuroscience company, they can really train the ability to kick the 11m, and this cup is for them.”

However, Liverpool’s victory wasn’t quite over. 33 minutes, coach Klopp had to make a substitution Mohamed Salah Due to groin injury.91st minute, central defender Virgil Van Dijk He also had to leave the field due to knee pain. These are two of Liverpool’s most important players and any problems with them could affect their ability to chase a treble.Klopp’s teachers and students have two games left The Premier League Against Southampton and Wolves but trailing the leaders Manchester City Three points.They have a final Champions League May 28 with royal house Madrid.

“I spoke to Mohamed and Virgil,” Klopp said. “They’re all fine, no big deal. They might be fine, but I’d be surprised. Winning is always the best physio for an injury.”

Currently in the Premier League, Liverpool have no decision-making power. Even if they win their remaining two games, they still have to wait for City to stumble against Wolves or Aston Villa. However, Klopp remains confident: “I’m the only one who thinks we’ll go after Manchester City when they are 14 points ahead in the middle of the season.”

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