Ibrahimovic was right to warn Mbappe

10 Th3 2022 | 10:07

 Zlatan Ibrahimovic once advised Kylian Mbappe to leave PSG if he wanted to develop and after this morning’s results, it was found that the Swedish striker had a point.

Mbappe grew up in Monaco

What Mauricio Pochettino launched this morning is perhaps the most powerful PSG, both in terms of transfer value and player reputation. Over the past decade, since PSG received the investment of Middle Eastern owners, they have never stopped aspiring to conquer Europe. But then, after all, it was left unfinished for at least a year. 
Ibrahimovic was right when he warned Mbappe - Football

 Mbappe scored but not enough to help PSG go on. 

On a day when many of Pochettino’s students played below their strength, Kylian Mbappe was a rare bright spot. His pace plagued Real Madrid in the first half. The classic sprint of the French striker in the opening goal explains why President Florentino Perez wants Mbappe so much. 

But if you look closely, Mbappe only explodes when the spirit of his teammates is still excited. He had four shots on target and three of them came in the first half. At the most difficult moment of the second half of the second half, where was Mbappe?

Of course, football is a collective sport and it is difficult to attribute responsibility to an individual after each defeat of the home team. But looking at PSG, we don’t see in them the “king” temperament. This is not the first time the rich guy of France has been turned upside down in the Champions League playground. And here, Mbappe should recall the advice of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

“I love Mbappe, but what he shows is not enough. He is too comfortable in his comfort zone. He needs to accelerate and then he will be even better,” Ibra replied with BEIN Sports.
Ibrahimovic was right when he warned Mbappe - Football

 Benzema shines in time with a hat-trick.

Ibra added: “He needs to feel the taste of blood. You have to be surrounded by people who say you’re not good enough and that you can improve, not people who say you’re the best. .”

Obviously, Mbappe was the best at PSG this morning, but the best in the middle class did not bring any great achievements.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG will expire in June. After the loss of face against Real Madrid, the chance of Mbappe re-signing with the French capital team is almost zero. Ibra is right, this is when Mbappe needs to get out of his comfort zone. At Real Madrid, people will ask for more. Wearing the White Vulture means carrying a huge responsibility, not only from the weight of money, but also from a long history. So what are you waiting for without reaching out to the ocean, Mbappe?