How Manchester United fared as they beat Liverpool

23 Th8 2022 | 20:54

elder brotherA 2-1 tie against Liverpool in the third round of the Premier League recorded a lot of impressive stats about Manchester United.

Eric Ten Haag’s team ran a total of 113.78 kilometers, while Liverpool’s 110.6 kilometers, 3.18 kilometers more than their opponents.compared to myself in battle lost 4-0 to Brentford In the second round, Manchester United ran more than 18 kilometers. The Red Devils have also accelerated more than Liverpool on the pitch – 155 to 104, and 90 times their own in the previous round.

These statistics explain satisfy The ten witches after the battle is not about tactics, but about the attitude of the students. “We brought the fighting spirit to the pitch and you could see what the players could do,” he said. “They played well and proved today that they are a real team.”

On August 22, Manchester United defeated Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford, and Martial faced goalkeeper Alisson Becker.Photo: Reuters

On August 22, Manchester United defeated Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford, and Martial faced goalkeeper Alisson Becker. picture: Reuters

This attitude is in stark contrast to the loss to Brentford Ten Hagers “Hot” and the superficiality of players. In the training session following the defeat, he forced every United player to run 18km, the exact same distance the team lost to Brentford, in the 33C sun at the Carrington training centre. sun This punishment for the ten witches “paid off”, the commentary said.

Victory against Liverpool also showed Manchester United On August 13, he completely transformed himself in front of Brentford. They managed 24 tackles against Liverpool, twice as many against Brentford. Although passing accuracy has dropped by 18% and the number of passes (273) is only half of what London lost in the last round, United have improved in both the number of scoring opportunities and their ability to take advantage of them. United’s expected goals (xG) against Liverpool – a statistic showing the likelihood of a shot being scored – was 1.76, almost double the 0.92 in the loss to Brentford. Defensively, United have not made a similar mistake against Liverpool after two errors led to a goal 10 days ago.

Goals from Sancho and Rashford gave United their first Premier League win of the season, pushing rivals Liverpool into crisis. Jurgen Klopp’s army doesn’t know how to win after 3 games. Liverpool fell to 16th after three rounds, two places lower than Manchester United.

In the fourth round, Liverpool host Bournemouth at Anfield, while Manchester United host Southampton on August 27.

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