Ho Chi Minh City loses fourth straight game in V-League

24 Th7 2022 | 18:14

HanoiHo Chi Minh City went on to become the penultimate V-League in 2022 with a 0-1 loss to Viettel Stadium in the ninth round on 24/7, extending the loss to four games.

In the 24/7 match, Ho Chi Minh City lost 0-1 to Viettel, with goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung hitting the ball. Photo: Lam Thoa

Goalkeeper Pei Tien Yong hits the ball during Ho Chi Minh City’s 0-1 loss to Viettel on 24/7. picture: Lin Shou

Vettel was highly appreciated, but with a stalemate, unable to control the game threatened Pei Tianyong’s goal. They only managed two strikes throughout the first half, but their movements were light and easily controlled by the visiting goalkeeper. Nguyen Hoang Duc also had a free kick but the ball went over the bar.

The situation forced coach Bae Ji Won to make a substitution starting in the 34th minute, placing Phan Tuan Tai at left-back instead of Tran Ngoc Son. And it was this newcomer who made a big splash with the U23 Vietnam team in the U23 Asian Championships in June, triggering the only goal in the 55th minute of the game. After his cross, Pei Tianyong punched his teammate. Rebound to create scoring opportunities for Giovane.

The goal was the only highlight of Giepvane’s match at the Hang Day Stadium. Previously, the player had been disappointing when he conceded the ball regularly in the first half. He was also unable to launch his left-footed shot when opponents followed closely behind, forcing the ball out with his right. A groggy Giovane, his partner Paolo Pedro fell into a state of “starvation”.

In the second half, head coach Pei Zhiyuan pulled Pedro off the court and put Giovane on the offensive end. Hoang Duc also played closer to the opponent’s goal when Ho Khac Ngoc came in to control the midfield.

Giovane celebrates a goal to help Viettel take all three points in their 2022 V-League Round 9 against Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Lam Thoa

Giovane celebrates a goal to help Viettel take all three points in their 2022 V-League Round 9 against Ho Chi Minh City. photo: Lin Shou

Gieovane scored the only goal of the game, but the hero of the game was Viettel goalkeeper Tran Nguyen Manh. Ho Chi Minh City sent naturalized player Samson Wong after the goal to increase the attacking power. They had chances to score, but both times, Nguyen Manh made excellent saves. He also faced two offensive blocks earlier in the first half.

With a 1-0 win, Vettel climbed to fifth with 13 points. Next round, they will be visiting Thanh Hoa on July 31st.

Vietnam 1-0 Ho Chi Minh City

Main progress of Viettel 1-0 Ho Chi Minh City match at Hengtian Stadium on 24/7 night.

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City continued to stand at the bottom of the list. They also came home empty-handed in their last three matches against SLNA, HAGL and Ha Jung before losing to Viettel. Coach Tran Minh Chien has applied for leave, but not approvedcontinue to undertake the work of leading the team.

Lin Shou