Hanoi FC close to V-League top spot

20 Th7 2022 | 17:54

HanoiA 3-1 loss to Saigon on the evening of July 20 at Restaurant Day saw Hanoi rise to the top of Haiphong in the 2022 V-League.

Hanoi FC players celebrate their second goal in their 3-1 win over Saigon FC at Hang Ni Stadium on July 20. Photo: Lam Thoa

Hanoi players celebrate their second goal in a 3-1 win over Saigon FC at Hengtian Stadium on July 20. picture: Lin Shou

* Score: Siladi 7′, Xuan Tu 32′, Tuan Hai 83′ – Manh Cuong 24′ (penalty).

Hanoi FC is more popular than Saigon FC. In addition to home field advantage, they also welcomed the return of Duan Wenhao. The 25-year-old left-back is playing for the Capitals for the first time around two years after leaving the pitch with injury. Before that, he played a “breathing game” in the second half, with Saigon FC in the opposite position in their 2-1 win over Haiphong in the sixth round. They’re at the bottom of the standings as they go seven games without a win. Head coach Feng Qingfang also had to use all domestic players, because foreign aid Vieira was suspended, Gustavo was injured, and An Bingqiang was in poor condition.

In fact, Hanoi FC had 63% of the ball possession and 18 shots, three times that of Saigon FC. Despite wasting a lot of chances, the home team at Hengtian Stadium won with goals from Siraj, Xuan Tu and Tuan Hai. The 3-1 result left Hanoi FC in second place with the same 14 points as Hai Phong, but had to fall behind due to poor goalscoring (9 to 14).

Van Quyet played well in the 2022 V-League Round 8 win over Hanoi FC. Photo: Lam Thoa

Van Quail played well in the 2022 V-League Round 8 win over Hanoi FC. photo: Lin Shou

The competition took place one afternoon after the opening ceremony. Hanoi FC even opened the score in just 7 minutes. Le Cao Hoai An and Nguyen Van Dat both missed after Thai Quy’s long cross from the centre went to Siladji. The foreign soldier shot immediately, sending the ball dangerously into the far corner.

Coach Thanh Phuong kept shouting to encourage the students, but to no avail. The ball rolled almost exclusively on one side of the Saigon FC stadium. However, due to a mistake by central defender Nguyen Thanh Trung in the 23rd minute, the visiting team unexpectedly equalized the score. After Hanoi FC central defender got the ball, he let the opponent get the ball back, causing the opponent to foul and block. The ball is in the game. restricted area. The referee immediately gave Saigon FC 11m. Manh Cuong took up the task and fooled goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong to make it 1-1.

Hanoi FC was not confused, but kept increasing the offensive pressure. At half-time, they had 78% of the ball and took 11 shots. It was only a matter of time before they scored more goals. No longer Quang Hai, Van Quyet is the epicenter of Hanoi drama. It was the veteran who made a huge contribution to give Hanoi a 2-1 lead in the 32nd minute, dribbling past two defenders and even goalkeeper Hoai Anh. When blocked, the ball found Le Xuantu’s position, allowing the home team players to comfortably pad the ball to score.

Hanoi 3-1 Saigon

In the second half, coach Feng Qingfang sent An Bingqiang to strengthen the defense, while Hanoi withdrew Fan Hao and Dehui to recover. However, under the attacking pressure of Hanoi, the game remained unchanged. Despite wasted chances, the Capitals scored the third goal thanks to a dangerous header from substitute Fan Tuanhai in the second half.

In the next round, Hanoi will be visiting Ha Tinh 24/7. Saigon FC remains at the bottom of the standings, with only three points as the only team yet to win.

Lin Shou