Haiphong midfielder strangled Hanoi player

10 Th6 2022 | 16:28

HaiphongOn the evening of June 10, in the friendly match in Tuhong, Ruan Qingdong rushed to kill midfielder Ruan Junying after being fouled in the counterattack.

Thanh Dong (white shirt) strangled Tuan Anh in Lach Tray on the night of June 10.Photo: Mindan

Thanh Dong (white shirt) strangled Tuan Anh in Lach Tray on the night of June 10. picture: Ming Dan

In the 5th minute of the second half, Haiphong drew 2-2 with Hanoi, and Qingdong Youlu led the team to counterattack quickly. Tuan Anh couldn’t catch up, so he tripped, causing Thanh Dong to trip. The midfielder Haiphong jumped up and rushed to strangle his opponent, but Duan An did not respond.

The Hanoi midfielder then went down and was encouraged by the two-way coaching staff. Players from both teams also intervened, pushing Thanh Dong to another spot.

VFF referee Duong Van Hien was standing in the stands of the Lach Tray Stadium at that time. Off the field, the referee showed Thanh Dong and Tuan Anh a yellow card until the situation subsided.

Qingdong, 27, has been playing in Haiphong V-League since 2018, mainly as a substitute. And Tuan Anh is 23 years old and has never participated in the V League.

Thanh Dong strangled Tuan Anh

Thanh Dong strangled Tuan Anh in the friendly Tu Hung.

Although it was a friendly match, the game was played in the warm atmosphere of the Lach Tray audience. Tens of thousands of spectators came to the stadium to cheer on Haiphong. At times, spectators lit too many flares, causing smoke to spread into the yard. The referee was forced to interrupt the game due to the limited visibility of the players.

Haiphong received a cold water in the second minute when Vladimir Silady scored a low shot from a corner in the penalty area for the visitors to open the scoring. In the 41st minute, captain Nguyen Van Quyet lobbed a kick and Vu Minh Tuan’s shot pierced the legs of goalkeeper Nguyen Dinh Trieu to make it 2-0. In the 45th minute, forward Limario returned with a header and pulled a goal back for the home team. At the beginning of the second half, midfielder Zhou Yuguang kicked into the empty goal and rewritten the score to 2-2.

Haiphong 2-2 Hanoi

The main progress of the Haiphong 2-2 Hanoi match on the evening of June 10.

The draw helped Hanoi win the title with seven points from three matches. Haiphong ranks second with 5 points, HAGL 3 points and Viettel 1 point.

Huang An