Gun robbers attack Aubameyang’s home

29 Th8 2022 | 21:47

SpainOn the morning of August 29, four armed robbers broke into Aubameyang’s home in Barcelona and attacked his family in order to obtain property.

follow national newspaperAt least four robbers climbed through a garden walkway into Aubameyang’s private home at the Castelldefels complex. The masked men threatened and controlled the Gabon striker and his wife Alysha Behague with guns and iron bars.

The bandits opened the safe and took some jewelry before leaving. Witnesses said the four men left in a white Audi A3.

According to the station RAC1, Aubameyang The jaw was hit with an iron rod, while Behag was hit in the head. The pair even lay on the patio for an hour in front of their terrified 11-year-old Curtis and 6-year-old Pierre.

Aubameyang in training at Barcelona. Photo: EFE

Aubameyang in training at Barcelona. picture: EFE

Aubameyang and his wife suffered only minor injuries and refused to be hospitalized because they did not want to be “feared more”.host club Bassa A psychologist is said to be ready to send a psychologist to his home to support the Gabon striker’s family.

The incident happened at around 1:00 a.m. Madrid time on August 29, shortly after Aubameyang joined Barcelona. 4-0 beat Real Valladolid In the third round of La Liga is back at home. Alysha reported the incident and Spanish police are looking for the culprit.

It is not the first time that Barca players have been attacked by thieves in the past few years.A little over a week ago, the striker Robert Lewandowski A $70,000 watch was stolen while signing autographs for fans outside Joan Gamper’s training ground.Just then, a stranger Open the passenger side door Then get the watch. Police then stepped in and quickly arrested a suspect. Lewandowski received his watch during Barcelona’s training session ahead of the game against Real Sociedad on August 28.

In November 2021, thieves break into the house Ansu Fati He stole money, watches and expensive jewellery as he and his relatives watched Barca’s derby against Espanyol downstairs. Fati’s family were concerned when they heard “strange noises” upstairs around 10pm. Police were also dispatched to Fati’s home, but no one was upstairs. The 19-year-old Spanish striker then went to the Mossos police station in San Cugat to lodge a report.

As many as three Barcelona stars were targeted by thieves in 2018. Midfielder Philippe Coutinho returned to find his home broken into, while many others had snuck into Gerard Pique’s World Cup match with Spain. By the end of the year, thieves had sneaked into Jordi Alba’s home, and his family was inside. At that time, the left-back was traveling with Barcelona to Italy to participate in the Champions League group stage as a cameo at Inter Milan.

According to a Spanish newspaper Maca, thieves target La Liga stars because they are young, wealthy and have public travel itineraries. Therefore, thieves can tell when players are not at home to break in. Valencia midfielder Sam Castillejo was also outside when someone broke into his house just over a week ago.

In 2019, Casemiro was “visited” by thieves at his home during a derby match against Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano. His wife and daughter Casemiro were still in the house when the robbery took place. In addition, Lucas Vazquez and Isco’s belongings were also stolen.

In February 2019, Kevin Prince Boateng’s rented house in the Saria district of Catalonia was broken into, causing him to steal as much as $450,000 in assets. Ten months later, defender Nelson Semedo has lost some watches and jewellery at the Espruce de los Bregat as he prepares for El Clasico on December 18.

follow MacaThieves often target watches, jewelry and cash, as these are items that are easily “exchanged” on the black market. Faced with this problem, many clubs are asking players to increase security during games and limit the disclosure of their private lives on social networks.

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