Former Saudi coach praises Sheikhri

20 Th6 2022 | 17:07

Coaches Faisal Al Baden and Khaled Al-Qaruni believe that Saudi Arabia’s victory in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship is largely due to captain Saad Al-Shehri.

“Al-Shehri has been successful in connecting players and creating positive results,” Al Baden said of the Saudi Arabian U23 coach. “He broke the doom that plagued former youths in Saudi Arabia. Al-Shehri changed the way he played, handling all difficult situations with flexibility and intelligence. I felt it. Since leading him and predicting that he will be a success coach.”

Al-Shehri is the first coach to lead his team to two consecutive championship games U23 Asia. In 2020, he and Saudi Arabia lost to South Korea in the final. The 42-year-old coach has been in Saudi Arabia for more than four years and has been with the U23s for a very long time. Previously, Al-Shehri was a student at Al Baden, where he played for the Al-Ettifaq club from 1998-2000.

Coach Al Sheri helped Saudi Arabia win the champion and runner-up in the Asian U23 Championships. Photo: Lam Thoa

Coach Al Sheri helped Saudi Arabia win the champion and runner-up in the Asian U23 Championships. picture: Lin Shou

“Under Sheikhri, a lot of U23 names could fully return to the club and compete for the starting spot,” added Albaden. “The National Championship has seen many foreign players reduce the chances of young talent playing in the country. They are forced to find opportunities for themselves, including on loan to join another team. Or simply leave the host club. This is what many U23 players experience. The .Al-Shehri squad can fully contribute a lot of names to coach Herf Reynard’s national team. “There are about five or six U23 players in the third round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers”.

Coach Albaden led the Saudi Arabian national team in 2015 before ceding his spot to Dutch strategist Bert van Marwijk. The team has gone through several generations of foreign coaches such as Edgardo Bouza and Juan Antonio Pizzi. In 2019, it has been coached by French coach Helf Reynard until now.

Al Baden’s view is shared by another former national team and U23 coach, Khaled Al-Qaruni. “I remember the first time the team played in the AFC U23 Championship under my tutelage, we lost to Iraq in the final in 2013,” Al-Qaruni said. “Then we lost again in the 2020 final led by Saad al-Sheri. But the third time, the team won the title in amazing fashion, keeping a clean sheet throughout the game. It was an episode. “They can have talent, but without Al-Shehri, they won’t be able to win the game. These U23 players could be at the next World Cup, or at the Summer Olympics two years from now. “

Saudi Arabia has played six games in this year’s competition – winning five, drawing one and scoring 13 goals, Don’t let the net go through. They score the most goals and defend the best in the league. Saudi Arabia becomes the fifth Asian U23 king after Iraq, Japan, Uzbekistan and South Korea. The victory in Saudi Arabia also meant that Vietnam only lost to the champion team in the tournament, when Kong Wujun’s teachers and students were halted by a 2-0 loss to this opponent in the quarter-finals.

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