Coach Duc Thang: “Pingding loses points with red card”

02 Th7 2022 | 15:47

appeaseDon’t blame the students for their mistakes, but head coach Nguyen Duc Seng admitted that goalkeeper Xuan Guang’s red card was a turning point in the 1-1 draw with HAGL on the evening of July 2.

In the 40th minute, the ball was passed to Duong Thanh Hao’s position without being watched. But the pacified central defender headed wide, allowing Fan Dong to escape. Goalkeeper Wu Xuanguang had to cross the 16-50 area to block, but he was slower than his opponent and failed to break the ball and hit the foot of the HAGL striker. The goalkeeper must receive a red card and be disqualified.

The situation where goalkeeper Xuan Guang received a red card was a turning point in the game in Quy Nhon. Photo: Lam Thoa

The situation where goalkeeper Xuan Guang received a red card was a turning point in the game in Quy Nhon. picture: Lin Shou

This situation changed the game in Quy Nhon. The home team from the dominant position, leading the goal, had to withstand the pressure of the opponent. HAGL took advantage of consecutive players, and in the 86th minute, Brandao was replaced by foreign aid to equalize the score.

“The red card changes everything. In the home game, it’s a shame to score first but lose a man to be equalized,” Mr Duc Thang said after the game. The coach admitted that the students made mistakes in less complicated situations that led to the loss and struggle throughout the second half. According to the host nation’s army, the fact that the conceded goal was levelled was a corollary of HAGL’s constant pressure on the pitch and the creation of chances.

“Thanh Hao made a mistake, but it was an accident. It can always be wrong to play in a defensive position. Maybe because of the light, the ball was lifted again, so he made a wrong judgment. The goalkeeper made a mistake at the time. Made a mistake. I don’t blame the students,” added Coach Duc Thang.
However, he also has some regrets, because during the period when no one was playing, the team still had some opportunities to counterattack, but they were not handled well.

Coach Nguyen Duc Thang guided the players to a 1-1 draw at the HAGL on July 2. Photo: Lam Thoa

Coach Nguyen Duc Thang guided the players to a 1-1 draw at the HAGL on July 2. picture: Lin Shou

In the match against HAGL, coach Duc Thang used rookie Dinh Trong for the first time. The player, transferred from the Hanoi club, started as a defensive midfielder before switching to a right centre-back in the second half.

“Today, Dinh Trong played well and gradually got back to form. I’m happy for him to make peace with the team. At first, I played Dinh Trong as a defensive midfielder because I understood his ability and hoped Dinh Trong would break it. HAGL Good ball possession game,” coach Duc Thang said. He hopes that other injured Pingding players can also return, play well and contribute to the team like Ding Zhong.

Binh Dinh spent the most when preparing for the 2022 V-League, signing 13 rookies, including Dinh Trong, Mac Hong Quan, Nghiem Xuan Tu, Jermie Lynch, Rafaelson and many other outstanding players. The team did not perform well, with four games The game only accumulated 7 points, ranking fifth, 4 points behind the leader Haiphong. However, Coach Duc Thang did not feel the pressure.

Pace 1-1 HAGL

The main progress of the Binh Dinh 1-1 HAGL match at the Quy Nhon Stadium on the evening of July 2.

Hanoi’s commander thought it was a bit unfortunate that Binh Dinh’s two home games did not go well. “The first game we lost at home was when we welcomed Viettel,” said Mr Thang. “The team had only 12 players available that day due to Covid-19. Today, a red card came.”

Binh Dinh will play Saigon FC in the sixth round on July 9.

Lin Ru