Barca usurped the “Rumor King” of MU’s transfer, where is the real “blockbuster”?

21 Th1 2022 | 12:56

Barcelona is becoming the “Rumor King” on MU’s transfer market with a list of candidates.

Barcelona is in the process of rebuilding the squad but facing many difficulties. They were not prepared for the farewell of Lionel Messi this past summer along with a decrease in revenue that made the Nou Camp team “lost”. The return of president Joan Laporta brought some light when he pulled in a loan of 600 million euros to “overhaul” the squad.

Barca usurped the "Rumor King" of MU's transfer, where is the "blockbuster" really - 1

Barcelona ready to recruit Erling Haaland

The question is, which stars will Barcelona bring to the Nou Camp in this transfer window? This topic is causing the European press to spend a lot of ink. MU used to be considered a “rumor king” every time the transfer window came, but now Barcelona is the team with the most transfer-related information.

Only for the striker position, Barcelona is being rumored by the press to buy … 12 players. The first name is Erling Haaland of Borussia Dortmund. President Joan Laporta personally confirmed “everything is possible” but obviously, this deal is unlikely to happen in the near future when Dortmund asks for a price of 150 million euros.

Another “blockbuster” that is also eyeing Barcelona is Fiorentina’s Dusan Vlahovic. However, this striker is being asked by Arsenal to buy for nearly 100 million euros. It is very difficult for the Catalan team to meet this current price, so this deal is considered unfeasible.

Also, Leverkusen’s Patrick Schick is similar. The Czech striker impressed from EURO 2020 to the Bundesliga 2021/22. Therefore, Barcelona will also spend a lot of resources to convince the German club to release people.

Followed by a series of information related to the strikers playing in the Premier League from old to young such as Cavani (MU), Aubameyang, Lacazette (Arsenal), Origi (Liverpool) or Timo Werner (Chelsea). The common feature of these players is that the future is unclear at the host club.

Therefore, Barcelona has the opportunity to own names right in the winter transfer window. However, the performance of the above players is not good. The best are probably Cavani and Lacazette but also quite few goals. Therefore, the Nou Camp team has a reason to hesitate in these deals.

Not only that, Barcelona is also rumored to want to bring Diego Costa, former striker of Chelsea and Atletico to the Nou Camp to “fight the fire”. Besides, young talent Arthur Cabral also caught the eye of the Catalunya team. This striker plays for Basel (Switzerland) and is valued at 15 million euros. In addition, Juventus’ Dybala, Morata and Bernardeschi also have rumors related to Barcelona.

In addition, some other transfer rumors related to the positions of defender and midfielder. As can be seen, information about Barcelona is currently quite chaotic. Can the Nou Camp team bring back any players or is it all just a “drawing cake” of the media? The answer will be available in about 10 days.