At Man City, Pep has a comprehensive super player

28 Th1 2022 | 09:09

 Pep Guardiola is more and more impressed by the ability of a student to play at the Etihad.

The recent victory over Aston Villa made Pep Guardiola exclaim: “He is the best. Faced with an excellent goalkeeper, he still has an excellent finish.” 

The person who is praised by Pep is Bernardo Silva. His previous four goals in the Premier League this season have all come from inside or near the penalty area. Pep declared Silva the best player in the Premier League, turning the Portuguese star into the most noticeable factor in Man City at the moment.

At Man City, Pep has a comprehensive super player - Football

 Sky Sports statistics about Silva.

Before Villa, Silva was an engine that worked consistently on all pitches. Matt Targett made a slightly loose pass that left Emiliano Buendia out of control and the former AS Monaco man snatched the ball back, helping City to reverse the pressure on the hosts.

Midfielder born in 1994 shows that he is the player who makes the most effort and effort in every match. In the English Premier League 2021/22, Silva runs an average of 11.92 km/game, a better achievement than anyone. Billy Gilmour is right behind with 11.75 km/match.

Silva’s defensive range is immense. It spreads all over the field, from the home field to the opponent’s field

With the exception of Rodri, Silva is the player with the best number of times to regain control in the center circle and opponent’s field in Man City.

Good at defense, Silva is of course also good at attack. He scored 5 goals in the English Premier League, the highest number of the team. The midfielder also made 38 successful dribbling attempts and moved the most heat with 148.2 km/game. In the two categories of successful ball cutting and dispute, Silva ranked 2nd in the whole Man City.

At Man City, Pep has a comprehensive super player - Football

 Silva is booming at Man City.

Through each season, Silva changed his playing position. In his first season, Silva mostly played on the right wing with 43% of the time. Later, he mainly operated in the right position of the midfield. This season, Silva plays evenly in the right and left positions in midfield instead of sticking to the edge. As a result, he spends 88% of his playing time in those two areas.

Silva is clearly showing that he is more than an attacking player. He has everything to be a complete player. Last summer, Man City intended to sell Silva when he brought in Jack Grealish. Fortunately, that failed, otherwise, Man City would lack the element that brings eternal motivation in the squad.