Arteta: ‘The referee ruined the game’

13 Th5 2022 | 14:28

brotherAfter Arsenal’s 3-0 loss to Tottenham in the 22nd round of the Premier League on the evening of May 12, manager Mikel Areta implicitly accused the referee.

“Ask the referee to come to the camera to explain his decision. It’s a shame that a game as spectacular as today was ruined,” Arteta said later. fail at Tottenham Stadium.

The Spanish coach also declined to specify the referee’s error. “If I speak my mind, I will be banned from directing for six months,” Arteta shrugged. “Of course I can explain what’s going on in my head, but I can’t lie.”

Martin Odegaard and Takehiro Tomiyasu complained to referee Paul Tierney after he showed a red card for indirectly sending off Arsenal player Rob Holding.Photo: The Guardian

Martin Odegaard and Takehiro Tomiyasu complained to referee Paul Tierney after he showed a red card for indirectly sending off Arsenal player Rob Holding. picture: guardian

According to a British newspaper daily mirrorthis is the usual style in response to press conferences Jose Mourinho when it fails. Mourinho once said after the loss to Aston: “Call the referee to come over and explain the decision in detail. This is his decision, not mine. I don’t want to say more, if I continue, I will be in big trouble.” Villa, when he was still in charge of Chelsea.

Yesterday, Arsenal took the initiative to press Tottenham HotspurThe turning point came in the 21st minute, when referee Paul Tierney judged Cedric Suarez to push down Son Heung-min in the penalty area and awarded the home team a penalty. At the 11m point, Harry Kane Shot from the right corner, contrary to the judgment of goalkeeper Ramsdale.

Afterwards, Mr Tierney received two consecutive yellow cards with midfielder Rob Holding. arsenal From the 33rd minute, there were only 10 left.The visitors then had to admit that Kane and Son Heung-min.

The 3-0 defeat cost Arsenal a quick chance to break into the top four in the Premier League. The Gunners are still fourth with 66 points, but have been shortened to one point by Tottenham. However, Arteta still believes Arsenal are capable of competing in the Champions League next season as they still have the decision. The remaining two games are against Newcastle and Everton respectively.

Arsenal also lost their centre-back duo after losing to Tottenham. Holding received a red card. Gabriel was injured and had to leave the field in the 76th minute after the Gunners lost their last three games to Ben- White game, just picked up. Fukang Wuhong is back. Arteta is hopeful that Gabriel and White will recover in time for their trip to Newcastle in the 37th round of the Premier League on May 16.

although, Antonio Conte Satire Arteta complains too much and should focus on improving his professionalism. The Italian coach said: “I often hear complaints that it’s not good. Did you hear me complain about Fabinho or their fouls during the draw with Liverpool?”

more than sky sports, former England midfielder Jamie Redknapp criticized Holding for making many stupid mistakes and playing like a judo fighter. In 33 minutes of playing, the England midfielder fouled 4 times, all of which were Sun Xingmin. It was his most fouled in a Premier League game. According to Redknapp, Son Heung-min was too fast and too strong for Holding to play fast. “Holding has to be very careful not to approach Son when he receives a yellow card. Even the referee can issue a red card for a second foul,” Redknapp commented.

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