Advantages and challenges of U23 Vietnam at the 2022 Asian Finals

18 Th2 2022 | 04:59

 U23 Vietnam will face both advantages and challenges for the goal of going deep in the U23 Asian Cup finals.

Recently, the draw ceremony for the AFC U23 Championship was held in Uzbekistan. 16 teams are divided into 4 groups to choose 8 names to enter the quarterfinals. U23 Vietnam is in Group C with South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. The tournament will take place from June 1 to June 19. The Gold Star warriors will enter the campaign with some advantages but also face many challenges.

1. Advantages

In the group of U23 Vietnam, in addition to Korea, which has outstanding qualifications, the other two teams are familiar representatives in the same Southeast Asia region. The recent encounters of various levels, the red shirt army often achieved positive results against both Thailand and Malaysia. Therefore, we can confidently move towards a fair competition for the ticket to continue with these two competitors.

Advantages and challenges of U23 Vietnam at the AFC U23 Championship 2022 - Football

U23 Vietnam will face Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea in Group C, AFC U23 Championship 2022

Towards the campaign, U23 Vietnam has made a careful and thorough preparation when joining forces from the beginning of August last year. The players practiced and competed in friendly matches along with two competitions in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship against Myanmar and Chinese Taipei. The ongoing Southeast Asian U23 tournament and the upcoming 31st SEA Games provide an opportunity for them to rub shoulders with regional rivals. This is also considered a practice for the upcoming tournament in Uzbekistan.


2. Challenges

Compared to the generation of players 2 to 4 years ago, U23 Vietnam at the present time does not have many outstanding names. The gameplay, the pieces of coordination are still not really smooth . This was partly revealed at the recent Asian Games U23. The Red Shirt Army still has many things to improve in the near future.

After the 31st SEA Games, Coach Park Hang-seo will no longer direct Vietnam U23. This is to reduce the work pressure for the 64-year-old strategist when he only focuses on the national team. Instead, there will be a new Korean captain to guide the young players. The Golden Star Warriors and Mr. Park will only act as an advisor.

Advantages and challenges of U23 Vietnam at the AFC U23 Championship 2022 - Football

 The play of U23 Vietnam has not brought peace of mind to the NHM.

Park’s absence has somewhat affected the players’ psychology because he has always accompanied the Vietnamese national teams in many campaigns during the past 4 years. Adapting to the changes from the new coach in a short time may cause some disturbances in the way U23 Vietnam plays. NHM is waiting for the army of red shirts to promote their advantages and overcome challenges to perform well at the AFC U23 Championship.