2nd class punching referee

08 Th6 2022 | 16:24

QingheOn the afternoon of June 8, the defender of Binh Thuan Club, Wu Yingwu, punched the referee Chen Yunuo in the face after receiving a red card in the Yongfu match in the second division.

In the 32nd minute of the play-off for the 2023 1st place ticket, at the Nha Trang Stadium, Anh Vu and Vinh Phuc scored the ball with two dangerous feet. After getting the second yellow card, the center defender Ping Shun was furious and shoved the referee Me.

Even when his teammate, assistant referee and coach Binh Thuan-Nguyen Minh Dung stepped in, Anh Vu did not calm down. He continued to push the book, pointed his finger at his face, and insulted the referee. The situation was so tense that even the mobile police had to run into the yard.

Ngo Anh Vu hit referee Tran Ngoc Nho in the face several times.

Ngo Anh Vu punched referee Ngoc Nho in the face. picture Screenshots

On the way out of the field, Ping Shun’s players also challenged the audience.

“It was right that the referee remembered the second yellow card,” Duong Van Hien, head of the referee committee, who was present with VFF general secretary Le Hoai Anh at the time, told VnExpress. “This player played a central defender and played very maliciously. Even though he received a yellow card, he was warned by the referee, but he continued to play bad balls. It is appropriate to receive a red card indirectly.”

Mr. Xian said that An Wu will definitely be severely punished by the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) for the above-mentioned behavior of attacking the referee.

Anh Vu was born in 1989 and played for Saigon FC for three seasons in the V-League, before playing for Binh Thuan in the First Division this season.

Player attacks referee

Anh Vu chased and hit referee Ngoc Nho.

Before this incident, Binh Thuan was leading 2-0 by Yong Phuk. But after the second half, the Zhongnan representative equalized the score 2-2 and dragged the game into a penalty shootout. Here, they won 8-7 to earn a ticket to No. 1 in 2023.

The remaining play-offs are also played this afternoon, between Dong Nai and Peace.